Ottawa working to bring as many Afghans as possibl

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Ottawa working to bring as many Afghans 'as possible' to Canada: Trudeau - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

After the first flight of Afghan workers who helped the Canadian military during the war arrived on Canadian soil on Wednesday evening, the prime minister says the operation won’t stop thereThe Star, including up-to-date coronavirus coverage, with our email newsletters.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Trudeau said Ottawa will continue to bring back Afghan refugees – embassy workerss NHL playoffs in Edmonton, and Calgary, interpretersThe impact we have o, and their families – who are fleeing Taliban retribution2021-04-25T01:08:03.593Z.

“We continue to work with Afghan interpreters and support staff around Afghanistan to bring home as many of them as possibleThat just wouldn,” he said.

“We were very pleased to see that first plane arriving yesterday afternoon. It was very emotional for all of us to see people who’ve been there to support Canada, to support Canadians come to their now homes, come to safety.”

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