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Morning styrene market closing newsletter

in the morning trading day, FOB Korea went flat. Any offer in January was US $1360, and the buyer's intention was US $1340, tt10 days; Any offer in February was 1355, and the buyer made a firm counter-offer of US $1320. Other suppliers will be connected to start a business to sell any goods in January, and then purchase the same amount of any goods in February, charging a price difference of $10/ton

in Jiangsu Province, there are few public counter offers, and the actual delivery is mainly based on a single negotiation. Occasionally, there are sporadic quotations of 10800 yuan/ton. I heard that yesterday, a large number of businesses delivered goods at the price of 10650 yuan. The mainstream negotiation in South China has moved down to the delivery price of 10900 yuan/ton. Therefore, I heard that there are already large single offers of 10800 yuan/ton. The Qilu market is still stable, and many enterprises have become the leaders in the national transportation new material industry, with 10900 yuan

for manufacturers, the ex factory price of Fushun was lowered to 10200 yuan; The listing price of Jinxi is 10500 yuan, and the market news says that the actual shipment is 10300 yuan; Jinzhou is still not sold during shipment; Renqiu is worried about when this wave of market will end, and some insiders describe it as burning with anxiety. Qilu and South China branch companies are facing huge inventory pressure. Whether the factory quotation is significantly reduced depends on whether the manufacturer can find a buyer who can accept large orders in the near future. Shell has great pressure on spot inventory

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