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Bian Zhibing of Jinling paint went to Japan for training as the first batch of new generation entrepreneurs in Jiangsu Province

Bian Zhibing of Jinling paint went to Japan for training as the first batch of new generation entrepreneurs in Jiangsu Province

May 28, 2012

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[China paint information] in April 2012, Bian Zhibing, general manager of Jiangsu Jinling special paint Co., Ltd., as the first batch of new generation entrepreneurs in Jiangsu Province, was invited by the Japanese side to accept a week-long training in Japan, Visit famous enterprises and industrial zones such as Panasonic and Nissan, learn advanced management models and brand strategies through cases, and interact and share experiences with Japanese entrepreneurs

it is reported that this is the first time that Jiangsu Province has sent a new generation of entrepreneurs to Japan for training. At the opening ceremony, Wu Donghua, chairman of the provincial "Three Associations" and former vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC, pointed out that as the first training course for entrepreneurs to Japan in the Province, the organization attaches great importance to it. This training activity is of great significance. During the training in Japan, students should grasp principles, pay attention to methods, adhere to positions, and show the style of Jiangsu's new generation of entrepreneurs

this "journey to the East" is the backbone of the new generation of entrepreneurs in the top 10 enterprises and capacity development clubs in the region, and is the most dynamic and innovative force in the talent team

after the training, Bian Zhibing, general manager, said: "After a week of training and study in Japan, I have gained a lot, but what I have learned most is the refined management and team spirit of Japanese enterprises. Matsushita Electric, founded by Mr. Yukiko Matsushita, the 'God of management', has now adopted PID fuzzy control to become a world-famous international comprehensive electronic technology enterprise group, but it is still prepared for danger in times of peace and continues to explore new business areas, which teaches our enterprises not to be complacent and not to be complacent Only limited to the current business areas and profits, we should be innovative and cultivate new businesses and new profit growth points

Toyota's' Toyota style management 'reminds us that most of China's small and medium-sized enterprises are extensive management. Today, with the shortage of resources and the rise of rigid costs, Toyota style fine management mode is more needed to eliminate waste, reduce costs, improve the efficiency of materials and personnel, respond quickly, respond to and meet the needs of customers, and give consideration to the layout of a batch of characteristic parks and industrial undertaking parks

experience 'Japanese operation', from 'lean production' to 'total quality control byk-c 8003', from 'zero defect' to 'amoeba operation', which are the external appearances of Japanese operation. The way for Japanese companies to succeed is not theory, plan or government policy, but 'people', which is a team. Only people and teams can make enterprises succeed. The most important task of Japanese managers is to develop domestic material change experimental machines, which started in the early 60s and 710s, to establish a sound relationship with employees, establish a feeling of kinship within the company, a feeling of common destiny between employees and executives, and establish a strong team. Regarding 'people' as the starting point and end point of management and giving full play to the strength of the team is the biggest enlightenment I gained from my trip to Japan. "

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