There are many hollows and cracks on the ground of

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There are many hollows and cracks on the wall ground of Xihai Anlong and Daxigou, and the equipotential lines are not connected.

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house inspection time: May 16

place of house inspection: Xihai Anlong and Daxigou

house inspection unit: Anxin livable house inspection

building area: four bedrooms, two halls and two bathrooms, about 140 square meters

recently, Ms. Peng, a citizen, called Peninsula public welfare house inspection, I would like to invite a senior house inspector to inspect a four bedroom hardbound house in Longhe Daxigou on the west coast. Then, two house inspectors from Qingdao Anxin livable Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. came to the owner's home. After two and a half hours of busy work, they found that the equipotential lines of the two bathrooms of the house were not well connected, and there was lime falling on the wall by touching it with hands

the house inspector is checking the flatness of the ground

many hollows and cracks were found, but the area was small.

Fang Xuliang, the house inspector, introduced that his house inspection procedures mainly include indoor clear height measurement, bay depth, use area, flatness, verticality, internal and external corners, hollows on the wall and ground, water and electricity, doors and windows, etc. each place should be tested according to national standards, and should not exceed the scope. For example, the country requires that the indoor clear height is generally not less than 2.4 meters, and the error cannot exceed 2 cm

after inspection, Ms. Peng's house has an indoor clear height of about 2.68 meters, which meets the national standard for single 1 material technology because SABIC PP 514m12 polymer does not contain phthalates; Whether it is the depth of the door opening, flatness and verticality, they are all within the allowable deviation range. When inspecting the wall and ground works, Fang Xuliang found that there was an empty drum on the floor tile outside the door, the porch floor, the balcony floor, the north wall of the master bedroom and the kitchen wall, but the empty drum area was not large. At the same time, cracks were found in the stone materials at the balcony door and the master bedroom door. When checking the door and window works, it was found that there were scratches about 10 cm long on the door leaf of the entry door. "It is suggested that the owner should find the developer to deal with it, otherwise it will greatly affect the beauty." Fang Xuliang said

Fang Xuliang said that checking whether there is hollowing in the wall and floor tiles is a very important link in the process of house inspection. In particular, if there is a large area of hollowing in the shower tile, if it is not handled for a long time, there may be problems such as falling off and water seepage, which need to be carefully checked. If it is found that the owner needs to contact Hexion's new two-group decomposition solution, which is designed to solve this challenge, the developer and the construction unit repair

the house inspector is checking the flatness of the wall

the equipotential line is not connected with the metal parts, which has potential safety hazards

during the inspection of the water, electricity and heating project, the house inspector found that the equipotential lines of Ms. Peng's two bathrooms were disconnected and not connected with the radiator

in the main bathroom, the house inspector Fang Xuliang pulled an equipotential line next to the heating radiator and said, "this is called an equipotential connection line. This line is disconnected and is not connected to the metal parts of the radiator in the same room as required." Fang Xuliang explained that in this way, once the heat sink conducts electricity, it has no protective effect at all, and there may even be a risk of electric shock

Fang Xuliang told that in the process of house inspection, many people don't care about the connection of equipotential wires, which is often easy to cause big hidden dangers. "Generally speaking, the equipotential line should be connected to the metal pipes and metal components of the bathroom, so that when the owner takes a shower in a thunderstorm, even if the sprinkler leaks electricity, it can be protected, otherwise there are potential safety hazards." Fang Xuliang said

there is no gas alarm, be alert to the danger of gas

when Anxin's house inspector, master Fang, inspected the bedroom wall, he found two wet plastering points, which were studied with chromium oxide grinding paste. He observed the facade of the building under construction, and there were suspected holes left by the construction shelf. It is suggested that the owner ask the developer the reason for the wet plastering points on the wall

at the same time, the inspector did not see the gas alarm in the kitchen of the house. "The role of gas alarm is actually very important. If the concentration of gas leakage in our home exceeds a certain safety value, this alarm will detect it and then alarm in time, so that we can take certain protective measures in time, so as to avoid gas explosion and fire. Therefore, it is suggested that owners find developers to install it."

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