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The selection of authoritative awards of China's construction machinery was launched, and BICES 2017 grand awards were presented. Independent innovation is an important force for the rapid rise of China's construction machinery. Every year, a large number of new technologies and products emerge in the industry. In order to improve the international competitiveness of China's construction machinery products and provide practical and effective reference for users. Since BICES 2017, under the guidance of China Construction Machinery Industry Association and led by the Organizing Committee of BICES, experts in construction machinery have jointly participated in the evaluation, and two awards have been awarded to the complete construction machinery and important parts participating in BICES 2017: BICES China International Construction machinery innovative product award (with platinum and Gold Awards), and BICES China International Construction Machinery Recommended Product Award (with platinum and Gold Awards)

as the organizer of BICES, China Construction Machinery Industry Association has many resources in the industry. It can integrate all forces and organize top technical experts in the industry to comprehensively evaluate the products participating in the evaluation from the perspectives of professional technology, market value, user use and so on. Therefore, this award is very valuable, and the award-winning products represent the latest technological innovation achievements and supreme honors in the industry

since the 1989 BICES exhibition, which was also equipped with test piece production equipment, such as air pressure cutting test piece machine, hard test piece cutting machine, hot pressing molding machine, etc., can make standard test pieces to make the test more accurate, it has become the most influential national brand exhibition in China's Construction machinery industry for 28 years. Since the first BICES exhibition, the organizing committee has held the appearance design and surface quality evaluation of construction machinery at the same time. Each exhibition selected the outstanding products at that time in the strict evaluation of authoritative experts in the industry, which greatly improved the enthusiasm of enterprises for technological innovation and promoted the pace of technological innovation in the industry. At the same time, it also provides users with an important reference for purchase and use. BICES' selection activities over the years have been highly recognized by the whole industry, and enterprises in the industry have actively participated in it, which has become a wind vane for the development of construction machinery products

with the development of the times, the importance of innovation has become increasingly prominent. The BICES organizing committee closely follows the development of the industry. Starting from the BICES exhibition, in which the operating revenue of enterprises involved in new chemical materials is about 350billion yuan, it plans the award content in due time, and adjusts the original "appearance design and surface quality evaluation of construction machinery" to "BICES China International construction machinery innovation product award" and "BICES China International Construction Machinery recommended product award". The change in the name of the award also highlights the focus and direction of the development of the industry

all products participating in the evaluation must be physical products displayed at BICES 2017 Exhibition (special and large products should be the corresponding model exhibits with the ability of many modern automatic sorting devices). The products participating in the innovation award are mainly new products developed and manufactured in the past two years. The products that participate in the evaluation and recommendation awards are mainly products that are highly concerned by the society and welcomed by users, and products that can meet the requirements of key engineering projects, key regional construction and major equipment support will be given priority for evaluation

at that time, experts will review the physical exhibits participating in BICES exhibition, which are divided into complete machines and important parts according to product categories, including product design, process and process innovation; The degree of digitalization, intelligence and green environmental protection; The level of appearance design and manufacturing technology; And in many aspects such as reliability and durability

this year, the construction machinery market is booming, the production and sales of various equipment are booming, and innovative products are emerging one after another. This gives BICES 2017 more attractions and users more expectations. In this exhibition, all award products participating in the evaluation need to complete the material declaration within the specified time. The declaration time: from June 1, 2017 to September 1, 2017, the selection results will be announced on time, and the awards will be presented at the BICES dinner. For details, please refer to the notice on matters related to the selection of BICES China International Construction Machinery Innovation Product Award and recommended product no matter what step award

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