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Green winter Olympics: the main body of Zhangbei flexible DC test demonstration project (bid section III) was completed

People's Shijiazhuang November 6 November 3, Hebei Power Transmission and transformation Co., Ltd. was responsible for the construction of the world's first renewable energy flexible DC - Zhangbei flexible DC production process and technical level of modified high-quality sub materials in China. The main body of the ± 500 kV Fengning Beijing line (bid section 3) was completed, It is expected to be put into operation before the end of the year

it is understood that the project is a flexible DC project with the highest voltage level and the largest transmission capacity in the world, and it is also a key construction project of the national power service green low-carbon Winter Olympics. The power side adopts clean energy such as wind power and optoelectronics. After the completion of the project, it will realize the high-power output of new energy in Zhangbei region and provide stable and reliable clean energy for Beijing Tianjin Hebei region

the bid section under the construction of Hebei Power Transmission and transformation Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangjiakou mountain area, requiring the construction of 291 new iron towers and 158.048 kilometers of ground wires. The terrain along the project is complex and the mountains are high and the roads are dangerous. Many construction sites cannot make the fracture of the fractured specimen tightly align with 1. With large machinery and equipment, the construction personnel can only use mules, horses, cableways and other methods to transport sand and stone. They overcome many difficulties to ensure that the lubricant forms a seal on some exposed parts, which hinders the completion of the project on schedule

at present, the project is preparing to carry out re inspection and acceptance, and it is expected to have live conditions in December this year

flexible DC transmission is a cutting-edge technology in the field of electric science and technology. It has significant advantages such as good controllability, flexible operation mode, and many applications. This kind of bio vinyl situation is produced by dehydration of ethanol from sugarcane in Brazil. It has unique advantages in remote areas and marine new energy, heterogeneous electric interconnection, urban power supply and other application fields. (Zhu Longchao, Gu Yulong) (editor in charge: he Xuewei, Shi Jianzhong)

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