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Bid winning announcement of national nanoscience center procurement project

purchaser name: National nanoscience center

full name of procurement agency: Oriental International Tendering Co., Ltd.

procurement project name: National nanoscience center MOCVD nano material growth system (GAN) Procurement project of laser confocal microscope and thermochemical vapor deposition system

bidding No.: oitc-g

determine the shape of 3.2.1 brick as a right angle hexahedral standard date: July 22, 2013

bidding announcement date: June 27, 2013

bid winning result:

package number

equipment name

name of bid winning supplier

bid winning amount


mocvd nano materials growth system (GAN)

3 Sample introduction

aixtron Ltd

USD 00


laser confocal microscope

Leica Instruments Co., Ltd.

US $300000.00


thermochemical vapor deposition system

Huijie international company

meitianqi lithium industry lithium salt output 26900 tons RMB 301000.00

list of members of the bid evaluation committee: he Qihua, Dai Lin, Liu Zaiwen, Tian Peiyao, pan Caofeng (package 1), Liu Hong (package 2),the Han Changbao (package 3)

contact person of this project: Xu Weiwei


thank all bidders for their active participation in this project, and ask the suppliers who have not won the bid to come to our company to handle the return of the deposit within 5 working days from now (please contact before coming)

foam granulator

Oriental International Tendering Co., Ltd.

July 22, 2013

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