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Fiberhome fitpc helps build the computer training room of Qianxinan Vocational College

recently, Fiberhome has customized a set of fitpc cloud access solutions with excellent performance, safety, reliability and flexibility for Qianxinan VOCATIONAL COLLEGE FOR NATIONALITIES (hereinafter referred to as Qianxinan Vocational College), helping the full cloudization of the PC desktop teaching platform in the school's training room

case background

Southwest Guizhou Vocational College is located in Xingyi City, the thoroughfare of Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces. It is a public higher vocational college compatible with arts and Sciences. There are 50 on campus training bases, 67 off campus training bases, the 107th national vocational skills appraisal institute, Spark School of the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of agriculture, etc., and they have the level III qualification of Guizhou Province safety training and the level III qualification of Guizhou Province coal mine safety training

in recent years, the information construction of the training room of Qianxinan vocational college has been continuously upgraded, committed to creating an intelligent teaching and scientific research environment, and strive to cultivate more technical and skilled talents for the economic and social development of Qianxinan Prefecture and its surrounding areas

facing challenges

PC replacement and management problems in the training room

in the process of informatization development in the training room, a large number of traditional physical PCs have been accumulated, which drive the specimen to carry out fatigue experiments. The replacement of physical PCs takes a long time, and there are a large number of machines that need to be replaced. At the same time, the existing physical PC management is becoming more and more complex, the maintenance efficiency is low and the workload is large, and a large number of manpower are forced to invest in the repeated operation and maintenance work

demand for training cloud access platform

with the proliferation of various teaching applications and teaching data, the existing IT resources can not meet the training and teaching needs of the school. Coupled with the demand of teachers and students for mobile classes, it has become a major goal of the college to enable students to learn anytime, anywhere, and to establish a shared, open and efficient training center

educational administration management and the challenges of security and cost

the educational administration management of the college is also facing the problems of lack of IT resources and unable to share information. It is necessary to consider unified management, security, cost and other issues


cloud computing is the hottest technology in the IT field, and the tide of its development is also rolling. As one of the most mature technologies of cloud computing, desktop cloud has become the first choice of campus educational administration and teaching cloud. Qianxinan Vocational College chose the Fiberhome fitpc cloud access solution, which is designed as follows:

in this scheme, the user access terminal must strictly perform according to the input data before using fitpc thin client equipment. The background adopts 12 high-performance fitserver r2200 servers, two of which are equipped with high-performance NVIDIA grid K2 graphics cards, providing a total of 500 desktop cloud deployments, including 32 three-dimensional design desktop clouds

using the vgpu technology of fitpc desktop cloud, high-end GPU resources can be allocated on demand, and all functions of physical GPU can be realized. The centralized control virtual desktop is used to meet the graphics processing needs of the cloud platform. Teachers and students can smoothly open a large number of mainstream design applications through the virtual desktop. Even the video in the built-in USB storage device can obtain the graphics performance of the original graphics workstation. At the same time, the proportion of resources can be allocated on demand to meet the use needs of different majors

solution advantages

high security: desktops and applications all run on servers in the data center, and centralized security control is carried out; Users cannot take confidential information away from the desktop at will; Strict access policies can be formulated to fine-grained control the access rights of end users to desktop applications

high reliability: on the one hand, through the deployment of desktop cloud, the continuity of business use is guaranteed, and the use will not be affected by the failure of the terminal. If the terminal breaks down, immediately change a device. Yesterday, Hebei Cangzhou customers came to our company to observe the operation of our company's pull machine, and the account password can continue to be used, so as to ensure the uninterrupted business. On the other hand, the infrastructure and software design of beacon desktop cloud have enterprise level fault tolerance and redundancy design to ensure the high reliability of the overall scheme

flexible use: unlimited access network; Unlimited access terminal; Different terminals access the office desktop to provide a consistent experience

centralized operation and maintenance: eliminate the traditional face-to-face operation and maintenance mode, and each desktop administrator can serve 1000 users. The cloud management end is managed hierarchically, which fully covers all the operation and maintenance services of beacon desktop cloud

green energy saving: the power of thin terminal is 5~15w, and the power consumption is about 5%. The thin terminal adopts fan free and industrial components. The health ring is guaranteed on April 8, and its service life is longer than that of PC by more than 20%

with rich experience in products, solutions, delivery and operation and maintenance, Fiberhome has an in-depth understanding of the business demands and pain points of customers in various industries. Fiberhome fitpc cloud access solution will make the teaching and scientific research mode of the computer training room of Qianxinan vocational college more flexible and efficient, and effectively promote teaching reform

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