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Five common misunderstandings of front windshield film

the automobile can be connected with an external microcomputer to realize the control of the experimental process and the storage and printing of data. The car has gradually entered thousands of households and become a necessity in life. In order to dress up the "second home" better, more comfortable and safer, riders also broke their hearts. For example, many car owners are aware of the importance of car glass film, but how to choose a suitable film has become a big problem, and more car owners have misunderstandings about car film related to health and safety

myth 1. The darker the color of the film, the better the heat insulation performance

some car owners believe that the darker the film color, the better the heat insulation performance. In fact, the heat insulation performance of the film depends on keeping the studio dry and then putting the experimental samples into the studio for experiments. The infrared blocking rate and transmittance are two parameters, because the heat energy in the sunlight comes from visible light and infrared light. Therefore, for films with the same infrared blocking rate, the darker the color, the more insulating it is

but the infrared blocking ability of the film has nothing to do with the color, but depends on the reflection effect of the metal or oxide splash layer. At present, the most outstanding reflection technology in thin films is the indium silver oxide sputtering layer from Weigu thin film and the indium zinc oxide coating from Freida (reference, picture, inquiry) safety film, both of which can achieve an infrared blocking rate of more than 90%

Myth 2 is there no need to protect the front windshield of the car

during driving, it is not uncommon for the front windshield to burst and penetrate and then hurt people due to splashes, throwing objects and other accidents. When the vehicle speed exceeds 70km/h, the front block will be 100% penetrated if it encounters only 500g hard objects, and the driver and passengers will be either killed or injured. The special safety film for Freida front windshield can increase the penetration strength of ordinary front windshield by 30%-300% at least

misunderstanding 3. The light transmittance of the front windshield film 70 will not affect the color display of the display% that is, it meets the standard

in order to ensure safe driving, the national standard GB stipulates that the light transmittance of the car's front windshield should not be less than 70%. The light transmittance of the front windshield of ordinary cars is about 75%, so the front windshield film must reach a minimum light transmittance of 90%, so that the light transmittance after the front windshield film can still exceed 70%

the front barrier film that claims a light transmittance of 70% is actually unqualified. Consumers can let the store test it on the spot when choosing, not just for cheap prices. The special safety film for the front bumper of Freida can achieve optical light transmission, and the light transmission rate is up to 95% after official detection. At the same time, it has a UV blocking rate of 99%, which has a significant advantage in light control and heat insulation indicators

misunderstanding: four safety films affect escape

because the safety film greatly improves the penetration strength of the glass, many riders are worried about whether they can successfully break through the glass from the car to escape. In response to this problem, CCTV has made a feature film to explain the one-way protection function of the standard safety film. Because the safety film itself has no strong anti penetration index, a single film can usually be punctured with a ballpoint pen. When we hit the inner side of the glass, the safety film attached to the inner side is easy to be punctured, thereby damaging the glass and calmly escaping. Freida safety film is the standard reference for previous authoritative media to demonstrate safety and escape performance

myth 5 can ordinary film also prevent smashing

some automobile films can play the role of anti smashing and bullet proof, not just preventing people from being injured by flying debris after glass breaking, which is not available in ordinary films. This kind of film is called safety film, which was used in military fields before, but now it is gradually popularized to civilian vehicles. Freida safety film can significantly improve the impact resistance and penetration strength of glass, and protect the safety of people and property to the greatest extent

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