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Dairy packaging technology (V)

2. Loading machinery

(1) liquid milk bottle loader is divided into atmospheric filling and vacuum filling according to the pressure in the bottle during filling. Its structural difference lies in that the filling valve of the latter has two small holes, one of which is connected to the vacuum pumping device to facilitate vacuum pumping; One is vented and deflated when filling is completed. Bottles are conveyed by the bottle feeding chain, and filling is quantified by the lifting slide. The advantages of atmospheric pressure filling are simple structure, few parts, easy operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance. It can be produced continuously or intermittently. The disadvantage is that after filling, there are still 2 ~ 3 drops of milk dripping outside the bottle. If the bottle leaks milk, the filling will still be carried out, causing waste. Vacuum filling overcomes the shortcomings of normal pressure filling, and can eliminate the bad smell in some milk during the filling process. The filling speed is accelerated, and the time is 1/2 ~ 1/4 of normal pressure filling. The disadvantage is that the operation management has high technical requirements, and the filling machine is prone to failure

(2) liquid flexible packaging machinery such machinery is generally equipped with special packaging materials, from the molding and filling of packaging bags to the sealing of the same machine

packaging principle: the packaging paper is soaked in a dioxygen water bath, sealed longitudinally, and then enters the tubular heater, which is composed of another sleeve outside the paper cylinder and an electric heating element about 1 meter long surrounding the feeding tube. After heating the inner wall of the paper cylinder for 5 seconds, the hydrogen peroxide is decomposed into oxygen and steam, making the upper part of the filling section a dry and sterile environment. At this time, the feeding tube will guide the sterilized milk into it, and then seal horizontally when passing through the horizontal sealing pliers. The whole molding, filling and sealing operations are carried out in a sterile environment after installation

(3) automatic sterile plastic bottle filling machine. Used for aseptic filling of yogurt and similar products. Including the disinfection, filling, capping, capping and other processes of plastic bottles. This kind of mechanical filling capacity is very strong, 4000 bottles or more per hour. This filling machine requires the filling room to be in a sterile state

(4) solid loader is mainly used to quantify materials, mostly using volume quantitative method and weighing quantitative method. Volumetric quantitative methods include cup type, drum type, plunger type, screw extrusion type, etc. In 2008, the national development and Reform Commission issued the "limit of harmful materials for building waterproof coatings" compulsory industry standard cylindrical measuring cup quantitative

the drum type quantitative device is controlled by the quantitative cavity located at the outer edge of the drum. The shape of the drum is cylindrical, rhombic, etc. The quantitative cavity has groove shape, sector shape and wheel leaf shape, and the volume of the cavity has two kinds of adjustable constant volume

the plunger type quantitative can filling device depends on the reciprocating motion of the plunger. The plunger occupies a certain theoretical space, and this volume is the quantitative canning volume

screw type quantitative canning device uses a screw feeder to complete quantitative canning. The screw pitch of the screw should be accurate and consistent. In each canning cycle, the number of revolutions of the screw should be accurately controlled to achieve quantitative accuracy

automatic scale is used for weighing and quantitative method. Generally, it includes feeder, weighing scale and control device. The feeder should have excellent controllable performance, that is, with the weighing process, it can realize large amount of feeding, fine feeding and feeding. Weighing scale is the central component of automatic scale, which generally includes lever scale combination, balance scale combination and spring scale combination. The sensitivity of the control device directly affects the accuracy of the automatic scale

3. sealing machine

the sealing machines used in dairy products include can sealing machine, glass bottle sealing machine and soft packaging heat sealing machine

can sealing machine includes manual can sealing, semi-automatic can sealing and automatic can sealing. The automatic can sealing machine is divided into three bodies: empty can bottom sealing machine, pre sealing machine and solid can sealing machine

the empty tank bottom sealing machine seals the tank body and the tank bottom

the pre sealing machine will pre roll the tank cover onto the tank with the materials already loaded. The tightness of the roll should not be opened by hand, but the gas can be removed from the tank. The whole machine is composed of pre sealing head, cover sending mechanism, can cover typing mechanism, electrical and vacuum system control, transmission gear and motor, etc. composed of upper and lower bases

the solid tank sealing machine is a device that vacuumizes or fills the tank with nitrogen, and then seals the tank cover. It is mainly used for sealing glass bottles for sterilized milk and yogurt by the can feeding and capping part, crimping machine head mechanism and glass bottle sealing machine. Put a seal on the mouth of the bottle

4. Finished product packaging machinery

includes labeling machine, packing machine, sealing machine and binding machine. Different containers use different labeling machines, which will also significantly affect the mechanical tolerance of the screw. The representatives of tin plated steel plate round can labeling machines are automatic labeling machines and portable labeling machines. Glass bottle labeling machine includes gantry labeling machine and vacuum drum labeling machine. The packing machine is to pack the packed cans, bottles, bags or boxes into the corrugated box, and the method varies according to the shape and needs of the product. The sealing machine pastes strips on the packed cartons. Strapping machine is the use of various ropes to bind cartons or wrapped items. This kind of machinery has developed rapidly, with a wide variety and different forms

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