Five choices of the hottest oil ink rheological ad

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Selection of ink rheological additives (V)

HEUR and pepo can give water-based ink excellent thickening performance and overall comprehensive performance. Moreover, if the two thickeners are properly modified, they can meet the more rheological requirements of the ink system (Fig. 19)


as the ink production process is developing towards rapidity and automation, the ink production data can be saved in any hard disk partition. The manufacturer requires that the raw materials can be easily dispersed and the pumping efficiency is low in the formula production, so as to meet the process requirements of shortening the processing time and canceling the grinding process

at present, there are many kinds of rheological additives in the market that can be selected by ink manufacturers. Therefore, ink producers can choose a rheological additive to make their products meet the rheological properties and reduce production costs at the same time

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