Five advantages of bestseller products

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Five advantages of Barry Shun products

1. Advanced design: joint research and development with Hubei University of technology, continuous improvement and launch of new products, leading technology in the industry

2. Reliable performance: the main parts and components are purchased from large foreign manufacturers, so that the product quality can be reliably guaranteed with the gradual increase of medical reform support for medical devices in recent years

3. Quality stability test fixture friction coefficient test fixture tightening test fixture compression test fixture deformation test fixture elongation test fixture zigzag strength test fixture elastic modulus test fixture peel strength test fixture puncture test fixture rupture test fixture shear strength test fixture... Tensile testing machine fixture is an indispensable part of electronic tensile testing machine. It adopts advanced production equipment and technology, Strict management process to ensure the stability of product quality

4. Product guarantee: 24 months warranty, no afteruse. We hope to produce bioabsorbable implants

5. Good reputation: good reputation in the industry, respect contracts and keep reputation

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