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After ten years of sharpening the sword, the new series of three major tire brands of Sen Qilin have been launched

on September 6, the 2019 new product strategy conference of Qingdao senqilin Tire Co., Ltd. "sharpening the sword for ten years and creating all things" was held in Qingdao

at the press conference, the Kirin Cloud Road aviation coin terminal resource integration platform was released for the first time, and the brand of senkirin tire with the same name was officially released. For the first time, the brand-new road aviation brand ultra wear-resistant and ultra long mileage d1d1 tire, delinte brand delinte DS2 high-performance sports tire and senkirin brand qirin 990 Pro aviation high-performance sports tire were released

Sen Qilin brand: it takes aviation tire technology as the core, faces high-end rational consumers, pursues high-end products with core technology, and has strong self-confidence

as the third and most important brand of the same name officially released by Sen Qilin shares, Sen Qilin brand will form a brand iron triangle together with Lu hang and delint to meet the diversified needs of consumers. Sen Qilin qirin 990 Pro aviation high-performance sports tire adopts asymmetric pattern design, which is injected with blade 3D corner cutting technology, multi frequency segmentation technology, wide groove rib technology and the best sea land ratio technology to help reduce pattern noise and optimize carcass contour. Senqilin Qianlong noise reduction and attraction technology is added inside the tire to reduce the noise caused by the vibration of the vehicle and tire structure during driving. It is extremely quiet and comfortable for cruising

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Sen Qilin seasonsdragon Canglong aviation grade all season sports tire is made of composite elastic materials, and the tread also has good elasticity and moderate hardness in extremely cold weather, providing grip on snow and ice roads; All silicon nano fillers ensure the grip of the wetland; The dynamic single guide pattern design, through V-shaped 3D grooves, staggered pattern blocks and 3D steel sheet design can ensure that the tire can cope with different road conditions in various seasons

press the "mechanical zero" button on the road to drive the brand: take the racing tire technology as the core, face the professional backbone consumer group, pursue excellent products with reliable technology and outstanding performance, and have a professional attitude

Luhang d1d1 professional mileage tire mainly features super wear resistance and super long mileage. It adopts the patented formula of Luhang super wear-resistant tread rubber, and the normal wear mileage can reach 160000 km. The newly upgraded pattern design, such as deepening the pattern groove, multi frequency variable pitch, 3D interlocking steel sheet, enables the d1d1 to maintain the rigidity of the pattern block, drive longer mileage, reduce low-frequency noise, provide a quiet driving experience and safe endurance

road Airlines rapiddragon Xunlong is composed of many high-end technologies, such as innovative all silicone rubber formula composed of functional elastomer and nano silicon filler, so that the tire can give full play to the best performance

in terms of patterns, the volume of the main groove is increased, the composite variable pitch pattern block is optimized, and the 3D groove angle cutting and steel sheet combination are integrated into it, making the tire Xunlong polar drive, suitable for static and dynamic

delint: with innovative patented technology as the core, facing fashionable young consumers, pursuing personalized and distinctive performance products and a dynamic attitude

delinte DS2 high-performance sports tire is equipped with the unique "Kirin a" patented drainage technology, and the cutting-edge "black" technology is used to comprehensively optimize the tire formula and carcass structure design, improve the impact bulge resistance, wet grip, and maintain excellent handling. In terms of pattern, the Kirin scale technology, created by delint, can inhibit the turbulence of water flow in the main groove during driving in the wetland, discharge water faster, improve the handling of the wetland, and provide the driver with the best wetland grip. A number of patented patterns are designed to maintain tire stability, improve dry grip, balance wear, reduce noise, patent drainage and cut waves

cloud closely connects factories, salespeople, dealers and end retailers. Improve brand communication and sales efficiency with data service platform, accurately connect communication channels with target groups, provide whole chain services from product selection, supply chain, brand bargaining, warehousing, delivery, customer service, and finally establish a unique service closed loop. The functions of secsha, putuan and speed matching warehouse meet the personalized needs of the terminal. Logistics information can also be queried directly, which is convenient and fast. To a great extent, it saves the communication time of staff in all links, improves the process and improves efficiency

Qin long pointed out that, "Phoenix Nirvana is the real strength. We face up to the mistakes we have made in the past 10 years. Sen Qilin advocates constant reflection, self-criticism, continuous learning and continuous growth because of the density of materials. Only by summing up and remembering these mistakes can sen Qilin truly develop in the next 10 years! Sen Qilin will continue to take technology as the core, R & D as the primary productivity, informatization as the axis and intelligent manufacturing as the guide in the future Qing, striving to create a world-class brand

Lin Yilong said that Sen Qilin's intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, manufacturing and Internet integrated development model has become an industry benchmark. In the next five years, Sen Qilin will expand and strengthen the domestic market as a new engine for high-quality development, increase R & D investment, continue to innovate, and create a world-class tire brand

since it was officially put into operation in 2009, Sen Qilin has been committed to the research, development and production of green, high-quality and high-performance high-end semi steel radial tires and aviation tires, deeply insight into the needs of the automotive industry, promote high-end quality experience, and guarantee driving safety for the majority of users

over the past ten years, Sen Qilin people have been forging ahead, constantly exploring and innovating, insisting on taking technology research and development as the center and intelligent manufacturing as the engine to build Sen Qilin's core technological competitiveness; Adhere to meeting the needs of different types of the market, strengthen brand awareness and service supporting standards, provide consumers with more high-quality tire products and after-sales services, and fight the terminal

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