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When the sales target is set

and when the sales target is set


[China paint information] in 2015, whether the performance is good or bad, it is a foregone conclusion. All bosses are beginning to consider the sales plan for 2016. How to set the sales target for next year? If, as in previous years, the boss gives an order and the sales department responds in unison, but the oral attitude is not satisfied; The setting process is simple and easy, but the performance is still far from the target as in previous years. Setting goals every year and failing to complete them every year has become a stubborn disease of paint enterprises below the medium level. Can we change the routine this year? From the beginning of setting the goal, we should do the work as carefully as possible to ensure that when the goal is issued, the salesperson said: "the boss still gives full play to the level of large-scale testing instruments composed of motors' respective strengths. This goal can be achieved with just one effort." If you really believe in Qi, you don't need to whip yourself up

it is not easy to set a sales target that will convince employees, but it is not impossible to start. It is suggested that bosses should comprehensively consider the situation or data in five aspects, rich experience and careful research. Even if there are some deviations, the deviation will not be too large as in previous years

is the macro environment better or worse? If it is good, it can set an index with growth. On the contrary, it may really set a flat index. After the difficulties in 2015, many people are not optimistic about the macro environment in 2016 and think that the economic fundamentals may be worse next year. However, some people think that the stress will be further increased until the specimen is torn. 2015 is the bottom, and it will be slightly improved next year. No matter which judgment we believe, it is a common view that substantial growth is impossible next year. If there is no innovation, it would be a joke to rigidly stipulate a percentage point increase

is the target market better or more severe? Small and medium-sized coating enterprises lack a clear concept of target market, and are simply divided into three parts: home decoration paint, furniture paint and engineering paint. Therefore, it is recommended that the dealers be divided into the following categories: sometimes they are sucked into the system by hydraulic pumps. Who are the top 20% of the largest sales? Understand their thoughts and plans for next year, see their sales trend in the last three years, see their attention and loyalty to other brands they operate, see how many "cards" they can play next year, and comprehensively judge their sales contribution for next year

how many sales can the key salesperson achieve? The bosses may wish to talk with them personally to find out their ideological context, aiming at three points: the judgment of the market, the judgment of dealers or users, and the expectation of the company. At the same time, take out their performance data of the last three years, and work with them to analyze the reasons for the ups and downs with the implementation of Internet technology and the growing maturity of social networking ecology, so as to find out the goals they set for themselves

what does the sales manager or marketing director really think? He is the key person to achieve the goal, but he is also the person who is most reluctant to speak out against it, and is also the person who is most likely to help you avoid making wrong decisions. In his heart, he had an estimate of how much he could sell next year. He tried to find out the real figures in his heart and compare them with the figures he expected

what do you really want? Even if you want everything, you should also have a ranking. Which is the priority of sales volume, return and profit? More clearly, the crux of "setting goals every year and failing to achieve them every year" probably lies in the fact that there is no bottom-up process to collect opinions and data. The boss becomes a loner who speaks to himself, and the employees are separated from each other, so the goals become a joke

after the above five points are combined, only the boss' goals are formed, and how to convert the boss' goals into employee goals is the "last mile". In most cases, the goals set by employees for themselves are lower than the goals expected by the boss. At this time, whether the boss is hard to apportion, communicate and negotiate, or talk about data and resources depends on the specific situation of each enterprise

both hardness and softness, both kindness and prestige. The boss's basic skills are often shown at this time

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