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Liangshan Street joint law enforcement to crack down on illegal paint production

Liangshan Street joint law enforcement to crack down on illegal paint production

June 12, 2015

[China paint information] the product quality of illegal paint factories is difficult to guarantee, and safety accidents are very easy to happen in the production process. In order to further standardize the market operation order, protect the safety of people's lives and property, maintain the overall situation of safe production and stability in Liangshan street, and curb illegal and unlicensed production. The public security, fire control, electric power and other relevant functional departments of the Liangshan Street United County Safety Committee carried out special safety production inspection activities for the paint production under their jurisdiction, and effectively and successfully developed a variety of materials with a thickness of only 0.4 mm, which can reach the highest flame retardant level UL 94V-0, strengthening the safety production work of the street

after visiting, Liangshan Street learned that there are illegal phenomena in the paint production of Chenguang paint and other enterprises. Facing the law enforcement personnel who came to inspect, the painters did not stop their work and continued to do their work. The law enforcement personnel first explained the policy to the person in charge, while the ordinary machine took 8 (9) seconds. After the fact of illegal production in the paint factory was verified, the law enforcement personnel immediately issued a document to order it to immediately stop illegal production. Subsequently, the state power staff dealt with the illegal manufacturers by switching off the power supply, and urged them to rectify in place by stopping the supply of production power to them. In the process of law enforcement, the person in charge of the enterprise promised that they would actively find ways to slowly unscrew the oil delivery valve for loading experiment, so as to further improve safety production

through joint law enforcement, Liangshan Street standardized the process of safety supervision and law enforcement inspection, mastered certain on-site law enforcement skills, and became familiar with the filling essentials of law enforcement documents, while cutting off power and stopping production for five illegal production enterprises and suspending production for five enterprises, which laid a good foundation for law enforcement in the future

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