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Lianyungang construction company Rio Tinto seeks development in the external market

in the sharp decline of metallurgical construction business, Lianyungang 3. The correct operation steps of fatigue testing machine. Steel construction company did not sit idly by, actively transformed to non steel construction, jumped out of steel for development, and worked hard to expand the external market. From January to October this year, the company undertook a total of 68.666 million yuan of external business. The profit of 4million yuan was still realized in the large-scale losses of the construction industry without vibration around the national metallurgical industry (MCC)

in recent years, as the large-scale technical transformation project construction of Lianyuan Iron and Steel Group is coming to an end, the internal market business has decreased sharply. By the end of October this year, it has decreased by 59.7% year-on-year, resulting in a serious shortage of business of the construction company, which has been in a state of semi hunger for a long time, and the enterprise is facing a serious survival crisis. In this regard, the company launched the business policy of "relying on Lianyuan Steel to promote collaborative innovation demonstration and survival, and moving to other cities for development", established a three-level business contracting system and business contracting incentive mechanism for the company's leaders, business departments and branches, and took the initiative to find rice to be cooked. At the same time, according to the market risk and the actual situation of its own funds, it cooperates with the construction unit with financial strength but no qualification advantage, and is funded by the other party. The company provides qualifications and technology, carries out joint development, and contracts several advance projects such as Lianyuan sewage treatment project, which increases the income of the enterprise while resolving the advance risk

after taking the first step of Lianyungang iron and Steel Co., Ltd., the construction company implemented the business strategy of "paying equal attention to the main and auxiliary industries, and expanding both inside and outside" according to the market demand, and made use of the talent advantage to further integrate resources to build professional teams such as industrial chemical cleaning, waterproof and anti-corrosion, pressure vessel manufacturing, security design and construction, land consolidation, commercial concrete, etc. the auxiliary industry has sprung up, surpassing the main industry, accounting for 50% of the company's total revenue

get out of Lianyungang and usher in vitality. Due to the timely adjustment and change of business strategy, Lianyuan Steel construction company completed a magnificent turnaround in the "cold winter" of the metallurgical construction industry, which not only ensured the survival of the enterprise, but also expanded the development space. In the past three years, the average profit has remained at about 4.5 million yuan

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