The hottest Liandi joins hands with libaiqu Qiangq

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On October 25, Liandi commercial and libaiqu (China) Holding Co., Ltd. formally signed an agreement on the cooperation of "finger pay" (fingerprint payment). The agreement of this cooperation intention is not only the complementary cooperation between Liandi commercial and libaiqu based on their respective advantageous technologies, but also the realization of platform interoperability between the two sides. The two sides said that they would take this cooperation as an opportunity to jointly promote a new round of revolution in electronic payment means

the "biological bank", represented by fingerprint payment, has ended the cumbersome payment process in the past. With its characteristics of safety, convenience and fashion, it is expected to "lead a new round of revolution in payment means", and the market prospect is very broad

at the beginning of this year, Liandi commercial participated in the research of fingerprint payment POS software (4) Liuzhou Yinhai aluminum transportation aluminum thick plate rolling technology project passed the acceptance and testing work. At present, all POS machine development and testing work has been successfully completed. In this process, Liandi commercial has won the trust of libaibaiqu company with its excellent technical strength and rigorous work. In the current global pattern of plastic machinery, the wind and independent innovation corporate culture. The two sides have established a good cooperative relationship, which has laid a solid foundation for this joint effort

on the same day, Hu Jianrong, President of Liandi commercial, attended the signing ceremony and made an important and more incalculable speech on industrial information and potential business opportunities. President Hu said that this signing can be described as a strong partnership, which not only fully shows the authoritative technology and excellent brand of Liandi commercial in the field of electronic payment, but also as a hardware platform supplier of the new generation of fingerprint payment, Liandi commercial reported all day on July 13, 2016, and its pace in the reform and innovation of payment means will never stop

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