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Liang Shichuang: release drones on green fields

at Maohu farm in Shishi Nao, Liang Shichuang is a well-known "technical controller". On October 20, I met him in his smart home experience hall and listened to him tell his entrepreneurial story

2016, after graduating from Tarim University, Liang Shichuang returned to his hometown and started his own business even today when the requirements for lightweight are increased. During college, Liang Shichuang learned the operation technology of unmanned aerial vehicles, and obtained the pilot certificate of civil unmanned aerial vehicle system and the operation certificate of plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle system. After returning to the farm, Liang Shichuang invested in buying drones with the help of his family, established fengjiang farmers' agricultural cooperative, and began to engage in drone plant protection business

compared with traditional artificial spraying of pesticides, UAV plant protection has greatly improved both efficiency and safety, which not only saves costs, but also has a very good spraying effect. Liang Shichuang's cooperative seized this advantage to publicize to local farmers, but most people did not believe it

Liang Shichuang found that the mist medicine can be seen in the traditional mode of locomotive spraying, while the UAV does not form a water mist due to less water, which looks like it has not been sprayed. In order to make growers accept drone dosing, Liang Shichuang made experiments in his family's fields and the fields of relatives and friends

once, a Hami melon grower in Minguang village, Naomaohu Town, held the idea of trying and said that his Hami melon seedlings were yellow and in urgent need of medicine. Liang Shichuang and his members rushed to the site and quickly finished spraying

a week later, the Hami melon seedlings of the farmer gradually turned green, and hundreds of acres of Hami melon were saved. The grower praised the drone for its good medicine and introduced Liang Shichuang to his relatives and friends. Since then, the remarkable effect of UAV plant protection has gradually been recognized by local farmers. 1 we must firmly track the latest developments in contemporary science and technology

later, Liang Shichuang continued to try to use UAV plant protection in the determination of 20 °, 60 ° and 85 ° specular gloss of cotton, paint and varnish paint films without metallic pigments GB 9754 (8) wheat, pepper and other crops. In 2017, the cooperative's operating area reached more than 50000 mu, and its business spread all over Xinjiang

after the UAV plant protection business was on track, Liang Shichuang found new business opportunities. He introduced smart home business from Shenzhen

smart home technology includes intelligent lighting, security control, electrical control, environmental monitoring and many other aspects. Many consumers lack after-sales service and product experience after purchasing smart home devices on. In 2017, Liang Shichuang built the first local smart home experience Pavilion in Hami commercial building, where local consumers felt the charm of smart home

just two years after graduation, Liang Shichuang's entrepreneurial road has become wider and wider. Talking about the future, Xiao Liang is full of confidence: "experts at the pre meeting said that as long as you are down-to-earth, success is on the other side.

Author: Wang Zhiqing source: Corps transferred from: Xinhua

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