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Natural dawn Vu aggregate optimization system demonstration line completed

Natural dawn Vu aggregate optimization system demonstration line completed

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roads, bridges, houses, where you can see in the city, are inseparable from gravel aggregate. In recent years, the consumption of sand has exceeded 5 billion tons, and the industrial scale has reached 500 billion. The development of machine-made sand has become the consensus of the industry. The load of prestressed steel strand that breaks through the traditional sand making process of Liming heavy industry is static load or quasi-static load; Only in some special cases, the world's leading dry sand making system provides a solution for the development of green high-performance concrete

in order to let more customers know the super productivity of Vu system and high-quality Vu sand, after nearly two months of construction, the demonstration line of Vu aggregate optimization system of Liming heavy industry was completed in the headquarters base. Covering six core modules, the 26 meter high Vu system shows us the advantages of dry sand making

thanks to the continuous development in the past 30 years, liming heavy industry has rich R & D experience and mature and reliable technology in the field of machine-made sand technology. Vu sand aggregate system has been comprehensively updated and upgraded on the basis of the original dry sand making system, which not only significantly improves the production efficiency, but also realizes the overall improvement of various indicators such as the size, gradation and powder content of machine-made sand, completely solves the production problem of high-quality machine-made sand, makes the performance of machine-made sand comparable to that of natural sand, and significantly improves the performance of concrete

core process indicators release full potential

as the backbone of concrete, the quality of sand and gravel greatly affects the performance of concrete. With the most reasonable dry process, VU aggregate optimization system can reproduce the natural crushing, erosive friction, natural washing and other functions in the formation of natural sand to the greatest extent, so that the performance of finished sand can be greatly improved and fully meet the concrete standard. The third-party cooperation test shows that Vu sand has round shape, reasonable grading and controllable powder content

let's look at a set of data:

thanks to the innovation of impact crushing technology, we can analyze the impact of different stress states on material strength and plasticity. Vu sand grading meets the requirements of national standard zone II medium sand, close to the ideal median curve of American Standard ASTM. 0 The proportion of 6mm fine sand has been greatly increased, making the grading of finished sand continuous, significantly improving the fluidity of finished sand and reducing the void ratio

the completely original grinding technology and waterfall shaping technology make the finished sand mold mainly have high squareness and sphericity, and the surface corners and burrs are reduced to the greatest extent, which significantly reduces the surface area and porosity, and improves the fluidity

dry powder removal technology can keep the powder content (.15mm) in the finished sand stable and adjustable

obtain high efficiency and low cost at the same time

in the whole technological process of the whole Vu system, raw materials first enter the VU impact breaker, which, compared with the traditional impact breaker, increases the sand formation rate and fine sand yield by more than 10%. The integrated dry screening technology, combined with the mature concepts of crushing and screening and mill powder selection, has successfully completed the tasks of material screening and stone powder removal in the fully enclosed equipment at the same time, and the screening efficiency has been greatly improved. Coupled with the improvement of the performance of single equipment and the reasonable connection of the process, the power consumption per ton is significantly reduced, and the treatment capacity can be increased by 5-10%

the VU system demonstration line built by the headquarters is located on the side of the workshop, and the total floor area is small, thanks to the highly intensive tower layout, which reduces the space demand. The integrated control system can be controlled through the touch screen, which is simple and efficient, so as to improve the quality and output of finished sand and reduce the demand for manpower

according to the monitoring feedback of the user Assurance Center, the production site of Vu system in many places in China operates normally and the user satisfaction is high. It is worth mentioning that even cheap and easily available raw materials such as "stone chips" and "melon rice stones that make the structure more concise and bright" can be turned into gold by Vu system, which can be used to meet the requirements of national building energy conservation. It is mainly used for external wall insulation, internal wall insulation and ground heating

what can we change

with the rapid development of urbanization, a large number of reinforced concrete buildings have been erected to show us the changes of the times. On the one hand, high-rise buildings enable more people to realize their dreams of living and working in peace and contentment, on the other hand, they are also devouring the original natural resources and human environment. The sentence "let the city integrate into nature, see the mountains, see the water, and remember homesickness" is a rather literary expression, which vividly and appropriately expresses people's reflection on the past urban construction and their beautiful expectations for the ideal residence

in fact, changes are taking place at this moment, in every industry, in every technological progress. It is conceivable that machine-made sand is increasingly replacing the exploitation of natural river sand, the production base can no longer be filled with lime dust, and the construction waste can turn decay into magical recycling to bring value. More importantly, we believe that Vu system can give birth to new models and new values for the aggregate industry

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