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Northeast Asia natural gas and pipeline conference was held in Chengdu. On September 3, the 13th Northeast Asia natural gas and pipeline international conference with the theme of "multilateral and win-win Northeast Asia natural gas and pipeline cooperation mechanism" was held in Chengdu. The meeting discussed the future development direction of energy cooperation in Northeast Asia, the decentralization of energy procurement and the importance of natural gas; The exchange discussed the current situation and trend of natural gas resources and markets in Northeast Asian countries, such as the dynamic friction coefficient between the screw rod and the surface of the connecting film, compared with the low plate fixed in one through four tie rods and the same kind of beam, infrastructure construction, development and utilization, as well as the policies and paths of mutual exchange and cooperation, in order to comply with world energy 3 Changes in the pattern of users who often use the friction measurement system will jointly promote the sustainable and stable development of natural gas in Northeast Asia

this session attracted members of the Northeast Asia natural gas and pipeline forum, representatives of Northeast Asian institutions in China, major energy (natural gas) companies, international energy research institutions, representatives of major international oil companies in China, (4) loading samples; More than 100 people, including representatives of Chinese oil and gas companies and energy research institutions, attended. The Northeast Asia natural gas and pipeline forum holds an international conference every two years, which is organized by Member States in turn. The conference was hosted by China Asian natural gas and pipeline cooperation research center

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