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Natural gas may be the key to China's energy industry in the future.

for a long time, the most remarkable characteristics of China's energy industry are the growing energy demand and the energy structure dominated by coal. However, the key to China's energy industry in the future is likely to be natural gas

in the past five years, China's natural gas consumption, production and import have increased significantly compared with the previous years. But until now, China is still one of the countries with the smallest proportion of natural gas consumption in the world. The goal of the Chinese government is that the proportion of natural gas in China's energy consumption will reach 8% by 2015 and 12% by 2020

it is not easy to achieve this goal. China is already the world's number one energy consumer, 68% of which depends on coal. It is very difficult to reduce the absolute consumption of coal and its proportion in energy consumption. However, if China cannot reduce coal consumption, the environmental problems cannot be solved

China has no intention of importing more natural gas, but the price difference between import prices and domestic prices affects imports. How to test the service life of natural gas in the rubber parts of locomotive and vehicle? The United States is the cheapest energy, but the price of natural gas in China is more expensive than many other kinds of energy. Therefore, China needs to improve natural gas consumption through energy price reform. However, the current situation of the simultaneous existence of market and government pricing mechanism will take some time to change

the more natural gas import channels, the more beneficial it is to China.

the signing of the Sino Russian natural gas trade agreement once dominated the headlines of major media around the world. But we should be soberly aware that this is not an event that can change the rules of the world natural gas market like the shale gas revolution in the United States

the shale gas revolution in the United States also played a certain role in the final determination of this transaction. The recent crisis in Ukraine has also exerted great pressure on Russia. All these contributed to the completion of the final negotiation. It also allows China to take more initiative in future price negotiations

diversified natural gas import channels are beneficial to China. China has a vast territory and huge consumption. The issue of energy security is as important as that of the United States. Unlike the United States, China's domestic resource output is not enough to meet China's consumption. The main sources of natural gas imported by China are central Asia, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Qatar. If possible in the future, we will also import natural gas from the United States

in China's natural gas supply security strategy, LNG import is as important as pipeline import. Not long ago, CNOOC and BP signed a long-term LNG supply agreement. All these fully illustrate that it is the long-term policy of the Chinese government to find more sources of energy imports

in addition to imports, we are also trying to tap our domestic production potential. Conventional natural gas production has increased by nearly double-digit percentages over the past decade. Now almost half of China's conventional natural gas comes from tight gas, which is classified as unconventional gas in the United States. This is enough to prove that the reserves of conventional natural gas in China are not rich. Therefore, we are paying more attention to unconventional natural gas such as coalbed methane and shale gas. Although our main purpose is to prevent an unqualified experimental machine from flowing to the market for a long history of development, the output of coalbed methane is far lower than expected. For this, the government, enterprises and consumers are all responsible. There are also imperfections in the development technology and development mechanism

China's shale gas development has made remarkable achievements this year. The single well production of shale gas wells commercially developed by Sinopec is even 10 times that of shale gas wells in the United States. This proves three points: first, China is indeed rich in shale gas resources; Second, we have learned from the United States the successful experience in the application of horizontal wells and hydraulic fracturing technology; Third, Chinese manufacturers can successfully apply these technologies to China's geological conditions. However, we are still in the learning stage of commercial development, and the cost is still high. Although the number of our more than 300 shale gas wells is second only to the United States, it cannot be compared with the number of shale gas wells in the United States of more than 100000

the strategy of replacing coal with gas cannot be shaken

the key difference between the United States and China in energy is the price of natural gas and coal. The price of natural gas in the United States is the lowest in the world. The price of coal in China is more expensive than that in the United States, and the price of natural gas is four times that in the United States

in the past, our energy consumption almost depended on coal. In the process of coal consumption, we only calculated the internal accounting costs of coal mining and consumption, and did not calculate the emission problems caused by coal combustion and the related environmental costs. Now, all countries in the world are becoming extremely sensitive to environmental costs

nevertheless, we found that since last year, Japan and Europe have begun to increase the use of coal to replace the gap caused by the reduction of nuclear power. But why not increase the use of natural gas? The biggest reason is the high cost of using natural gas in Europe and Japan. This is also the reason why it is difficult for China to give up coal

at present, the debate about whether coal can be used cleanly is going on in China. I think this debate is meaningless, because no matter what kind of clean use method is used, carbon dioxide emissions sometimes are inlaid with special steel at the jaw, or sprayed with steel grit on the surface of the jaw, etc It will not decrease. The main problem of coal use in China is not the problem of coal power stations. Because in China, more than half of the coal is burned directly. In most small towns, people use this kind of heat energy to keep warm in winter and reduce resource consumption. The pollution and emissions caused by this way of use are the most terrible

to reduce the direct combustion of coal, electricity or natural gas should be used to meet the heating needs of residents in winter. This systematic change needs to spread from rural areas to cities, from small cities to large cities, and different regions are in different stages of development. Therefore, efforts to reduce coal and increase clean energy such as natural gas and renewable energy require not only international cooperation, but also enough patience

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