The hottest natural gas leak in California, the go

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The governor of California declared a state of emergency due to the natural gas leak. Jerry Brown, the governor of California, announced on the 6th that the Portland area, about 50 kilometers northwest of Los Angeles, had entered a state of emergency due to the natural gas leak

this leaking natural gas well is operated by the natural gas company of Southern California, which is located in the chiariso gorge in Portland. Since the dangerous situation occurred on October 23 last year, Southern California Natural Gas Company has been trying to plug the leakage by drilling relief wells and injecting mud into the damaged pipelines. There is also a problem of processing tolerance, but with little effect. Over time, nearly 2000 local residents have begun to suffer from headache, nausea, nosebleed and other symptoms, and were forced to evacuate

the main component of natural gas is methane. Some officials in California estimated that for more than two months, the methane leakage from this natural gas well has been 30000 per hour. According to the radioactive calculation of wear debris or the radioactive intensity reduction of activated parts or the metal transfer of activated parts, the impact of such a large-scale methane leakage on the environment should not be underestimated. According to the California air governance Commission, when the natural gas leakage peaked at the end of November last year, the emission of greenhouse gas methane in California, for example, increased by 25%

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