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Natural aesthetics praise Yuzhan 64GB "bamboo gentleman" flash disc debut

bamboo is a cultural symbol with oriental flavor, and is also known as the tool of a noble and upright gentleman. Adhering to the concept of "bringing nature into products", Yuzhan designs ah153 (USB3.0) and ah137 (USB2.0) "bamboo gentleman" flash disks from the outline of bamboo knots. The emerald bamboo body brings a rare fresh feeling of 3C products. There is also an ingenious "rising day by day" design, which can combine multiple ah153 and ah137 in series to increase the fun of use and add elegance to scientific and technological products! The calm dark green ah153 has a maximum capacity of 64GB and a maximum transmission speed of 90MB per second, making it the largest and fastest in the industry's Mini USB3.0 flash disk

bamboo gentleman ah153 (right) and ah137 (left)

in response to environmental issues of global concern, Yuzhan technology said that most 3C products in the market are dominated by modern scientific and technological styles. Yuzhan design team is committed to integrating natural elements into product design, narrowing the distance between human and nature, providing a deeper use experience, and also conveying respect and respect for nature. From ah135 "Senling dish" with trees as creativity to ah153 and ah137 "bamboo gentleman" with bamboo as inspiration, they are all wonderful creations for designers to talk with nature

a number of ah153 and ah137 are combined and connected in series to form a rising "bamboo gentleman"

ah153 and ah137 "bamboo gentleman" take the bamboo waist contour to create a graceful curved body, and integrate the ergonomic design, holding the hand feel to provide a platform for promotion and display; The cap adopts a close back cover design, so users don't have to worry about the storage of cars with quality problems. They can feel Yuzhan's considerate intentions from the details. In addition, designers use the concept of "bionics" to simulate the image of bamboo growing upward. As long as multiple ah153 and ah137 are connected in series, they can "rise higher and higher", bringing a very interesting use experience

ah137 made of rubber

ah153 and ah137 are made of rubber, solid and durable, and use advanced cob technology to create an integrated small body (length 33.4 x width 20.2x, thickness 11.3mm), with waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and other practical functions, easy to carry. Ah153 provides 16GB to 64GB, natural slate gb/t18600 ⑵ 001ah137 provides a variety of capacity options from 4GB to 32GB, which is perfectly compatible with Windows 7 operating system, and comes with exclusive ace compression software, which can increase the storage space by up to 500%

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